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Iran stands in solidarity with India amid COVID-19, says envoy Dr Ali Chegeni, lauds New Delhi for vaccine supply | World News

New Delhi: Iran’s Ambassador to India Dr Ali Chegeni has said that his country stands in solidarity with India amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Iran had sent 300 Oxygen Concentrators and other essentials to India last month.

Highlighting how Iran had been in the same situation, envoy Chegeni speaking to WION said, “Despite us being under the sanctions, and difficulties, we could manage somehow to show our solidarity with our brothers and sisters in India”.

He lauded India for its outreach to the world community amid the pandemic. India had sent medicines and COVID-19 vaccines to the world to deal with the crisis. Iran procured Covaxin from India too. Iran’s envoy said, “India began its effort to help all the world when the pandemic began” and “we have in our tradition if you give something in desert, you will receive it in the sea”, explaining he said, “India has had a very open hand to help others, so others will help India”. 

Asked about India, Iran vaccine cooperation, Chegeni said, “We have good cooperation with India in pharma, in vaccine so the two sides are capable of developing a joint venture and cooperation”. Iran is developing its own vaccine manufacturing plan with five vaccines under development. The country has cooperation with Russia and Cuba. India’s vaccine capacity is well known, with around 60% of global vaccines being made in the country.

On global resistance to vaccine patents, he said, “Without world solidarity, we can’t fight this pandemic. We need to be united.. this virus is changing”. 

“If world leaders are together, if we can have a joint effort to fight the pandemic, we will remove it very soon..”. He also called for “removing all barriers” when it comes to vaccines.

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