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NASA astronaut at ISS gets special gift from Elon Musk, the reason will make you smile | Space News

New Delhi: As NASA astronaut Megan McArthur celebrated her 50th birthday aboard the International Space Station (ISS) she was in for a major surprise. A birthday at the ISS is no dull affair but to receive birthday gifts on a special ‘spaceship’ is definitely an ‘out of this world’ feeling.

The SpaceX’s latest cargo delivery, a 23rd one made by Elon Musk’s firm docked at 10:30 EDT (15:30 BST) on Monday with ice cream and other goodies. The astronaut, celebrating her 50th birthday, cheekily said ‘no one’s ever sent me a spaceship for my birthday before.’

Sharing the details of her ‘party’ on Twitter, McArthur wrote: “What a great birthday dinner with my Expedition 65 crew mates. My #SpaceBrothers went all out: quesadillas and tortilla-pizzas with real cheese! Cookie decorating! Cake with chocolate “candles”! We haven’t unpacked the ice cream yet, so I guess that means a 2nd party?”

‘I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of good wishes from family, friends, and space fans around the world. I might be 50 but I still feel like one lucky girl,’ the astronaut said.

Launched Sunday from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the SpaceX’s capsule took lemons, cherry tomatoes, avocados and ice cream for McArthur and her six crewmates, along with a couple tons of research and other gear.

McArthur is one of seven astronauts currently living on ISS, arriving at the Station in April as part of Expedition 65. A veteran of space travel, she is known as the last person to be hands on with the Hubble Space Telescope via the Canadarm connected to the Space Shuttle. 

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